Bruno DURAND is a renowned specialist in the guitar world. After being the manager of a record store in the 80s and then live sound engineer in the early 90s, he began a career as a musician in 1995, with more than 1000 pro performances to his credit. This gave him the opportunity of testing many different variatiins of guitar gear. He was interested in fixing all the problems associated with guitar rigs. From 2003, he began to design and wire rigs for all the main players in France and also to perform what is called ” Suhr mods » on the famous CAE 3 + SE preamp units. To date, more than 100 units have been worked on.

In 2006, he became a dealer for Suhr guitars and distributor of CAE gear at the  BD GUITARS shop.

After a parenthesis dedicated to music, BD GUITARS SERVICE returns and will be happy to help you solve all your guitarist problems.

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